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Merger, new domain, new name...

Apr 19, 2014 - 5:46 AM - by Gradonil_Ral
Dear Staff, Dear Members, Dear Lurkers,

As you can see, there was yet another change of the domain and the forum name.
First, there was helz0ne.zone-anime.com, then there was helz0ne-scans.com, then helz0ne closed down and Bulsajo opened in its place...

It's been about a year since Bulsajo's first release. The things didn't exactly go as planned in that period of time, which our release frequency can attest to ^^;
Part of the reason was me working with other groups more than with my own... Then again, if that wasn't the case, I wouldn't be writing this news at all ^_^

So what it is that actually happened? Well, BAP, the group I joined to help out with The Gamer, has kind of been destroyed last night... I will not get into the details since there's no point (it wouldn't change a thing).

In any case, they wanted to make a new group and this one needed new members so I suggested that they could come here. Not necessarily merge into Bulsajo - we could also either run two separate groups through one website as an alliance, or join forces together under a new name. After some discussion, we've decided to merge under a new name. ONeoRa ("Come here") was the one most voted for.

In other words: helz0ne/Bulsajo + BAP = ONeoRa. It couldn't be simpler ^^

Well, there you have it~ The forum should be getting busy again ^_^

- Ral
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Delayed notification emails

Jan 29, 2014 - 2:13 AM - by Gradonil_Ral
Hey guys (and girls)~

A lot of you might have been receiving some very delayed notification emails throughout this month.
Be it Happy Birthday, New PM, or New Release notifications - they all were delayed by the thousands of users that chose Jan, 1st as their birthday. ^_^;

It seems that vBulletin has added a notification mail queue system (during one of their updates), which was (by default) set to send 10 emails every 10 minutes.
I have just manually processed the remaining queue and set vB to send 50 emails every 10 minutes, instead. That should reduce the next year's delay quite a bit ^^

You can also help us out by logging onto your account and making sure you've chosen a correct birthday for yourself (leave Jan, 1st only if it is your birthday).
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School Shock 21B by Bulsajo

Jan 26, 2014 - 6:38 PM - by Gradonil_Ral
School Shock 21B is now out!

Okay, a bit later than I would have hoped, but here it is~
I'm not exactly sure how quickly we'll be able to release the next one - SK is busy with work, so we're still waiting for the next script. I hope we'll receive it within a week, but who knows?
We could certainly use a backup Chinese translator~ Apply, if you're interested ^_^

We are recruiting typesetters, cleaners as well as Korean, Chinese and Japanese translators!

Translation: sourcekode
Proofread: Zeroaintdead
Editing & QC: Ral

...[Read More]

  1 Reply | 731 Views

School Shock 21A by Bulsajo

Dec 31, 2013 - 7:55 PM - by Gradonil_Ral
We're doing School Shock now!

School Shock is a very exciting series, so if you haven't tried it yet, now's your chance ^_^
Since the series has been around for a while now, I'm not gonna explain what's it about - you can check here if you'd like, though I should warn you that the description really doesn't do it justice ;)
Give it a read, it gets quite interesting after a few chapters~

I'll try to upload the old chapter onto our reader, but I might not be finished until tomorrow. Then again, it's not like that matters - you're probably be all leaving for the New Year's Eve parties soon, right? ^^

I hope you all have fun tonight! :D Just try not to get too shitfaced lest you wake up tomorrow somewhere you might regret :D

We are recruiting typesetters, cleaners as well as Korean, Chinese and Japanese translators!

Translation: sourcekode
Proofread: hxcguitarist
Editing & QC: Ral

...[Read More]

  5 Replies | 932 Views

Jiraishin Diablo v02 ch07 by Bulsajo

Dec 29, 2013 - 6:34 PM - by Gradonil_Ral
And Jiraishin is back~ Enjoy :)

Okay, so this took me a little more time than I hoped it would. Maybe I would have been able to release it last night if we had any active typesetters beside me, but since we don't...

We are recruiting typesetters, cleaners as well as Korean, Chinese and Japanese translators!

Translation: oxymoron
Proofread: hxcguitarist
Editing & QC: Ral

...[Read More]

  0 Replies | 324 Views

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